Upcycled Masks (pack of 2) - Round 3

Rs. 550.00

Upcycled Cotton Face Masks in packs of 2 for you and yours!

For each set purchased by you, we will donate Rs. 150 towards meals for the kids at @dharaviartroom and Rs. 150 will be donated towards daily wage workers welfare which helps us provide ration packages to families in need and pay for their children's school fees. 

Dharavi is still a containment zone and there are many families that are struggling to find economic stability in the area. Since we started our journey making clothes long before Good Stuff was created on 60ft road we’ve decided to do our bit to help those people in need. 

These face masks are intended to prevent you from touching your face, keep you conscious about your health and people around you. 

The face mask is 100% cotton. Washable and reusable. 

Each mask is made up of upcycled fabrics. There are very few pieces in each style hence we have decided to surprise you by selling these as assorted packs. 

Our cotton masks are not medical grade or rated PPE. The soft, comfortable and durable masks will help you in playing your part to stop the spread of infections in your community.