You and I. We’re Good Stuff!

Have you ever wondered what you’re made of? About the little ingredients that make up the various atoms and molecules inside your body? The stuff that makes your skin tingle, be awesome and kick ass! Total and utter cosmic stuff…

Zainali and Azra are the psy-siblings. Keeping it trippy!

When the mind and passion for art of these two crazy and creative souls combined, an expression was created. They began their journey with one of a kind, custom hand painted shoes.

Inspired by nature, the galaxies, psychedelic art and characters in their heads, their expression of art and the uniqueness of every design created soon had them painting apparel, sunglasses, murals and anything else they could get their hands on, adding color to the world.

Armed with a mission to uplift the artisans they work with and art as their weapon of choice their aim is to make you feel good, and remind you that you’re awesome (just in case you’ve forgotten)!


[aw-suh m]


  1. Causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming
    feeling of reverence or admiration
  2. Slang. Very impressive

After all, we're all made of Good Stuff!

Say it. Tag it. Believe it.